It takes about 4 months to build muscle. This includes training, recovery, and nutrition. You must eat well, get plenty of rest and do cardio exercises to burn calories during a workout. During these four months, you should lift weights at least 2 times per week.

What Food Is Good For Muscle Growth

There is no specific food for muscle growth. You should eat healthy foods like whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and fish. Your body needs a balanced diet to maintain muscle mass. To build muscle you need protein, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet. Protein is needed to repair damaged muscles after a workout. Carbohydrates provide energy and fats help store energy for later use. A combination of these three macronutrients is best for building and maintaining muscle mass.

What Kills Muscle Gains

Intermittent fasting. Many people who start intermittent fasting say they lose weight and even get rid of body fat. However, if you don’t continue eating regularly, you could gain back the weight you lost. The reason is simple: When you eat, your body uses energy to break down food and build cells, tissues, organs, and muscles. If you skip meals or starve yourself, your body stops growing because it doesn’t need the energy to repair itself. Intermittent fasting may help you lose weight, but without regular eating periods, it won’t keep you lean forever.

Best Workouts For Gaining Muscles

Are you looking for the best exercises to get strong and fit? Then this is for you! These workouts will help you get into shape and increase your energy level. These exercises can be done easily, even by beginners. So, if you want to improve your health and get in shape, then go ahead and read on!

Best Exercise For Building Arm Muscles

Best Exercise For Building Arm Muscles The best exercise to build arm muscles is push ups. Pushups are great exercise because they work out your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, back and even your abs. You do it in a standing position and only need two things: A sturdy surface and something to hold onto. If you’re doing pushups with weights, start slowly and add weight over time until you feel comfortable with the movement.

Building Bigger Back Muscles

Builder Bigger Back Muscles Weight lifting exercise is one of the best exercises to build back muscles. Weightlifting exercise involves lifting weights, and doing bodybuilding exercises like pushups, pull ups, squats, lunges, etc. Bodybuilding exercises can help build back muscles.

What Are The Best Exercise For Getting Six Pack Abs

How to get six pack abs In order to get six pack abs, you need to burn calories. When you exercise, your body uses calories. The best exercises for getting six pack abs are swimming, biking, weight lifting, running, yoga, push ups, planks, leg raises and crunches that target your core muscles. You can start with small exercises and progress to more challenging ones that require you to balance.

Exercises For Building Big Leg Muscles

Exercises for build big leg muscles   The legs are important muscles for running and walking, and they play a role in sports like basketball and football. Exercising your legs regularly is essential to keep them strong and healthy. Here are some exercises that will help build big leg muscles:

Weight training

This type of exercise works out all parts of the body, including the legs, and builds strength.


This type of exercise strengthens the muscles and increases endurance.


This type of exercise helps build stamina and strengthen the bones, tendons, ligaments, and joints.


This type of exercise improves lung capacity, flexibility, and coordination.


Basketball is one of the best sports to develop strong legs. It uses both upper and lower body movements, which make it easy for beginners.

Exercise That Builds Bigger Shoulder Muscles

Exercise that builds bigger shoulder muscles

Bench press

Use dumbbells to lift a weight above shoulder level and lower it back down to your chest. Perform 15 repetitions.


Using a chinup bar, grab the bar with an overhand grip and pull yourself up until your arms are straight. Hold the top position for 2 seconds. Then slowly lower yourself back down. Try performing 15 reps per arm.