Muscle growth can be inhibited by certain factors. Read these seven reasons why you may be experiencing a lack of muscular growth and what you can do to make them grow again.

You May Be Training Too Much or Too Hard

Your muscles need to take a break between heavy workouts. Train a specific muscle group no more than once or twice a week.

You Need A New Workout Routine

Workouts should be changed at least once every six to eight weeks. This will encourage growth because it interrupts the adaption your muscles have for the old routine. It also works them in a different way to produce real growth.

You Are Training For Longer Than An Hour A Day

Choose a workout time that doesn’t go over an hour daily. It only takes 45 minutes to create too much cortisol. This hormone will destroy the muscle you are trying to build.

You Need More Rest

Getting the right amount of sleep will help produce growth hormone and help build your muscles while you sleep. You need at least eight hours of sleep a night.

You Are Drinking Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks will break down muscle fiber and do damage to other parts of the body. Don’t drink or limit consumption of alcohol.

You Are Not Challenging Yourself

Your muscles grow under duress. Increase the amount of your reps and/or weight over a period of time.

You Need To Consume More Protein

Your muscles need this building block to grow. The daily recommendation is one gram of protein for per pound you weigh. Supplement with protein drinks if you don’t have enough protein in your diet.

These fitness tips should be enough to help give your muscle mass a kickstart back into full growth. Realizing your mass-building goals can be as simple as getting more sleep or consuming more protein. Change what you need to change and you can experience new growth in a short period of time.